Neda Green House

With more than 26 years of experience in the field of modern banking services, Nedapardaz Informatics has been recognized as the first provider of voice telephony systems (IVR) and the leading manufacturer of a variety of queue systems.

The company has been involved in the industrial automation and machining industry with the NEG brand since 1998 and is currently one of the most recognized designers and manufacturers of the tire industry.

With the support of its technical knowledge and the experienced forces, Nedapardz entered the greenhouse industry in late 2017 and introduced the NEG brand in this field. Beside designing and developing Intelligent injection and climate control systems, Neda Engineering Greenhouse currently known as the first and only manufacturer of hexagonal structures in Iran.

Neda Engineering Greenhouse Vision

To Create Appropriate Basis for Natural Resources Conservation and Utilize it in Producing Healthy Agricultural Products

Neda Engineering Greenhouse Missions

Competitive products and services based on world standards
Project execution in the shortest time with the help of experienced team

Neda Engineering Greenhouse Objectives

Mass Production and Sale
Turn Key Projects
Installation Services

Manufacturer of Hexagonal Structures

Applicable to different scales due to modular design

Span width available in 8 m and 9.6 m

Variable peak height depending on crop type and region

All parts are hot-deep galvanized

Unique and exclusive hexagonal structure

With higher strength and endurance

Neda Smart
Intelligent Climate Control System

The health, vitality and productivity of plants are closely linked to their growth environment. Greenhouse significantly increase productivity per meter by providing environmental control which affects plant growth such as temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, etc. By automatic controlling of the equipment and adjusting the above parameters, the greenhouse inside conditions will be maintain optimum.

Nedapraz as a parent company of NEG brand, with 26 years of experience in designing and implementing industrial automation systems, has been designing and producing NEDA intelligent control system (Neda Smart) with bellow capabilities:

Intelligent Hydroponic Injection System

Fertigation refers to the process of fertilizing through irrigation.

For a rapid capital return not only high yields of high quality crops are essential but also it is needed to conserve water, energy and nutrients. This can be achievable through simultaneous transfer of water and nutrients directly to the crop root.

Nedapardaz as a parent company of NEG brand, with 26 years of experience in designing and implementing industrial automation systems, has been designing and producing NEDA intelligent hydroponic injection system (Neda Fertigation) with bellow capabilities:

• Accurate and optimum fertilizer proportion by adjusting water EC and PH using PID and FUZZY hybrid algorithms
• Automatic irrigation scheduling based on environmental conditions, growth stage, season and crop type
• Up to 12 irrigation zones
• Comes with Internal irrigation pump
• Higher efficiency and homogeneity due to the internal mixing tank
• simultaneously feeding and pests controlling capability

Our Price

Product Description EW Price ($)
Hexagonal Structure  NG8030Width 8  ، Distance Between Pillars 3 Peak Hight 6.2, Pillars 2 mm, Double Pillar Reinforcemets 11.37
Window 2.67
Roof Cover Accessoties 1.44
Hexagonal Structure NG9630 Width 9.6، Distance Between Pillars 3 Peak Hight 7.5, Pillars 2.5 mm, Double Pillar Reinforcemets 10.27
Window 2.23
Roof Cover Accessoties 1.20
Hexagonal Structure NG9650 Width 9.6  ، Distance Between Pillars 2.5&5 Peak Hight 6, Pillars 2 mm, Double Pillar Reinforcemets 8.29
Peak Hight 6.5, Pillars 2 mm 8.64
Window 2.34
Roof Cover Accessoties 1.15
Square Central Capital 2mm Sheet 2.60
Square Side Capital 2mm Sheet 1.85
Square Holder 2mm Sheet 0.26
NEG Central Capital 2mm Sheet 3.35
NEG Side Capital 2mm Sheet 2.80
NEG Holder 2mm Sheet 0.37
Neda Fertigation -NF114 Model 1 to 5 Hektar 14,000
Neda Fertigation - NF115 Model Under 1 Hektar 10,800
Neda Smart - NS116 Model Advanced Fixed Part 4,400
"" Advance Variable Part Each 2500 m2 1,600
Neda Smart - NS117 Model  Fixed Part 3,600
""  Variable Part Each 2500 m2 0
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